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Fuel-Testers Company: E10 Gasoline Precautions & Tips, Information, News, Ethanol Laws/Politics,
+ Ethanol Alcohol Fuel Test Kits (AFTK) to protect engines from unnecessary alcohol-caused damage.

Fuel-tester results with our exclusive quik-check solution: Instantly reveals alcohol content and percent in gasoline.
Protect your engine from gas contaminated with water and excess alcohol .
Most gas now contains ethanol alcohol made from corn and grains...Ethanol is a solvent that attracts water...
Everything you need to know to safely manage E10 gasoline in all your engines.
Complete alcohol fuel test kit includes fuel-tester, collection/dispenser bottle, E10 precautions and more.
Ethanol alcohol, a renewable reformulated fuel, supports the farming industry and decreases U.S. dependence on foreign fuels.
Ethanol alcohol blend fuels, made from corn & grains, can damage engines.
Report abnormal test results and/or problems with ethanol fuels.
Quik-Check results - Picture gas with and without ethanol alcohol.

Determines if gas contains any ethanol alcohol and reveals the exact percentage.
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E15 is now being sold in several states. View e15 news/updates.
  • Fuel-Tester, squirt tip dispenser bottle, rubber stopper, tester stand and more.
  • Fuel tester is re-useable and will last a lifetime.
  • Kits are available with or without our exclusive Quik-Checkô Indicator Solution. Quik-Checkô indicator solution instantly reveals alcohol and water in fuel.   (Image: Deluxe Kit -Product Code: AFTK-D15).
Right: Non-ethanol gas (no alcohol or water) -
Blue Quik-Check drop(s) settles to bottom, not absorbed.
Left: Quik-Check reveals gas contaminated with alcohol and water (bright blue).
Order a fuel test kit to quickly check gasoline for ethanol/alcohol and water.
#1 Reason for gas-caused engine damage = Phase-separated E10 gasoline.

- Protect your engines: Test gas for alcohol % + water contamination -

Always test ethanol percent/concentration of fuel at time of purchase,
and especially after prolonged storage.
--> After ethanol absorbs water and gas phase separates, bottom tank layer contains 60-95% alcohol=Damage + Problems! Most common in spring after winter storage, and summer due to high humidity.

Spring Tip: Gas additives/stabilizers DO NOT remove water from tank!
Always test gas after storage (more than 1 month) to prevent unnecessary engine damage.
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TEST GAS to Protect Your Engines from Unnecessary Ethanol Damage
Right: Test tube results (6% alcohol in gas) - Quik-Check Solution turns alcohol & water bright turquoise blue.
Left: Fuel-Tester results reveal no (0%) alcohol.

Current e-NEWS:
2014 Update: Ethanol Manufacturing Plants Fined For VIOLATIONS:
- The manufacturing plants that produce ethanol from corn and grains, throughout the U.S. are dangerously increasing pollution and adversely affecting the quality of the air we breathe...Read more:

- E15 (contains higher 15% alcohol) is now being sold in about 12 states:
Warning: Only a handful of engine manufacturers approve of new E15 fuel, (E.G. A few 2013-14 autos only);
Therefore if your engine is not a FFV, most likely E15 gas is NOT approved for use and will invalidate your warranty.

* Currently there are only 59 gas stations (legally) selling E15 fuel located in:
AR-Arkansas, IA-Iowa, IL-Illinois, KS-Kansas, MN-Minnesota, NC-North Carolina, ND-North Dakota, NE-Nebraska, OH-Ohio, SD-South Dakota, and WI-Wisconsin.  Source: Renewable Fuels Association "As of Jan. 9, 2014".
* Note: Based on test reports we receive E15 gas type with excess ethanol of 15% and higher is being (illegally) sold in all states.
- The EPA issued a plan to mitigate engine damage from E15 mis-fueling...More E15 information.

- Mercury Marine released a study that revealed a blend of 15 percent ethanol and gasoline caused so much damage to boat engines that the testing of two of three motor types ended early.
Read full report published by NREL Negative Effects of E15 on outboards:
Read Fuel-Testers Company newsletter e-NEWS for news updates and details.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I safely use E10 type gas in all my engines?
Answer=It depends on several factors...
Most modern engines are designed to run on ethanol blends up to 10% alcohol.  Many older engines (pre-2003) issued warnings against use of gas with ethanol, and parts may not be designed to resist solvent effects of alcohol.
Common symptoms of excess alcohol or water in gas
Vapor lock and fuel starvation (stalling, hesitation, inability to start engine), corrosion/rusting, premature disintegration of fuel pump, oxygen sensor damage, clogging/plugging of filters, fuel injectors and carburetor, reduced gas MPG... More E10 gas problems/damage...
Winter Storage: 
For prolonged gas storage, it is always safest to leave gas tank empty, when ethanol-free gas is unavailable.
E10 gas will only remain stable (water-free) for a maximum of 3 months, when stored under ideal low humidity conditions.
Gas Additives:
---> Always check product ingredients before use with E10 fuel type. Most gas additives contain strong solvents, cleansers and/or alcohol, which is contraindicated for use with E10 gas type.
Important: No gas additive can prevent ethanol's natural ability to attract/absorb or remove water in a sedentary engine. Products such as Stabil, only "perk-up" stale fuel by increasing energy content; They do NOT prevent or remove water from gas tank.

VIEW Manufacturer E10 Fuel Warnings:
Mercury, Evinrude, OMC, Harley, Suzuki, Hyundai, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover, Ford, Polaris, Briggs & Stratton...

Is alcohol added to the fuel in my area?  -  What precautions are necessary with E10 fuel type?
Which gas additives are safe with E10?  -  Who wants or needs ethanol-free E0 pure-gas?  - 

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Sign our Petition - Demand E0 Fuel Choice - Many engines require ethanol-free gasoline...
Tip for Recreational Vehicle Owners:
The most important time of year to check ethanol percent is before and after winter,
when usage decreases and E10 gas might remain in tank for >1month=Increased risk for H20 contamination & phase separation.
+ Always confirm E0 ethanol-free advertised gas is actually water and alcohol-free, before storing gas for more than 1-2 months.
Fuel-Up and Know the Facts about E10 Gas

  • Ethanol is a strong solvent/cleanser and drying agent that will wear down engine parts.
  • Since ethanol rapidly attracts/absorbs water into gas, shelf life is less than 3 months.
  • * #1 Reason for gas-caused engine damage=Phase-separated and/or water-contaminated E10 gasoline.
After phase separation, most water + alcohol drops to the bottom of the tank -->
Now the lower layer of tank contains an alcohol concentration of 60 to 95%!

* Details 10 Gasoline PHASE SEPARATION:  Alcohols attract and absorb water...Oil and water do not mix.  Although gas with ethanol may cause varied problems/issues, the #1 reason most engines experience major damage is solely due to running phase-separated fuel, which now has a much higher alcohol concentration at the bottom of the tank + a drop in octane of 2-3 points in the upper tank layer.
  • 10% is the maximum amount of ethanol allowed by all conventional engine manufacturers and warranties. Gas with excess ethanol will absorb MORE WATER, MUCH FASTER.
  • Warning: E15 (15%) is now being legally sold, but ALL engine manufacturers prohibit use of this new fuel! *Not applicable to FFV's/E85.
Sadly the EPA + ethanol organizations have chosen to ignore all recommendations & research studies
from those who design, sell and repair engines.
  • Following simple precautions will decrease risk and help safely manage E10 fuel blends.
  • E10 gas can cause engine damage, poor performance, parts deterioration and lower mpg.
  • Many gas stations do NOT label gas pump when ethanol is added.

Is the EPA protecting you or the ethanol lobbyists?

BUYER BEWARE:  Over 95% of gasoline sold at public gas pumps now contains ethanol=E10.
Finding ethanol-free pure gas is challenging and almost impossible in many areas of the U.S.

For years over-blending of E10 has occurred is due to carelessness (lack of oversight) and profit motives, encouraged by government tax credits and subsidies.
Now that E15 (50% more ethanol) is being sold, intentional over-blending and misfueling may only get worse.

Reclaim your right to choose ethanol-free pure gasoline.
Sign Petition to assure fuel choice at gas pumps, including non-ethanol gasoline.
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